Cosmic Girls (by The Fabulous Sound Sisters)

Cosmic Girls come from the future to you.
Cosmic Girls fly on the wings of ecstasy.
Cosmic girls love the energy of freedom.
They liberate you from all confusion.
Cosmic Girls look deep into your eyes,
they smile and see who you really are.
Cosmic Girls love the earth, the land and sea.
With the wind they are free.

Cosmic Girls give warmth in the cold of the night.
They are one with every star that shines in the sky.

High is their goal, wide their intensity.
Loving and giving is their golden key,
for driving you high into bliss.
Cosmic Girls are the friends you need
to take the leap into the next world
of space age consciousness.
Don‘t fall asleep, life is too precious.
Cosmic Girls give you power,

they give you fire to fly even higher than ever before.
Cosmic Girls fly into your arms, giving you dreams and warmth.

They know all the dreams
and carry them into the future.
Cosmic Girls touch
your heart so deep,
Cosmic Girls are with the sun,
they are sweet.
Cosmic Girls are
future reality.

Cosmic Girls touch you with the sky.
Dancing on the waves of a galactic sea,
happiness is the core of their true feel.
Deep their golden kiss, bright their lips
telling of love and a future that will come
with all the glory of bliss and loving strength.
Love is fulfilled in life with these cosmic brides
and makes you understand their light.

Cosmic Girls are forever true to you.
Cosmic Girls are the honey of paradise,
bringing love into this world of earthly life.
Cosmic Girls are heaven‘s promise to you.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali & Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany