Electronic Dream Adventure (by Diana Antara)

Electronic Dream adventure in Cyberworld.
Borderless fusion of realities.
It was a rainy night in Techno – City,
she stood up ’cause she received a call.
After refreshing her body she left her room
and went down to the hall.

Young she was, with Party – feeling style,
loving music and wild nights of Cyberlife.
On her way she met “Silver Lady” and she smiled,
as she gave her the code to open the gate of time.

Behind the gate was a tunnel of moving light.
She jumped into the stream and started her flight,
within energies flashing bright.
She closed her eyes while she dived into the galaxy – ocean wide.

When she opened her eyes again,
she was feeling the power of dimension – change.
Standing on a hill and for the first time,
she was breathing air of the Earth
within her new body which she became.

Electronic Dream Adventure from Cyberworld to Earth,
borderless fusion of realities.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany