In Every Heartbeat (by Diana Antara)

It’s a feeling, a strong emotion
comin’ from the heart like an ocean
in every breath, like a fire burnin’
deep inside, it’s the inner yearnin’.
You can’t live without it
’cause it’s there in every heartbeat,
showin’ you happiness and bliss,
the tender sweetness of a kiss.
You see the light, you know your way,
for what you are living, where you stay
if you find true Love’s eternal dream,
bright and warm like a golden stream.

Life was given us to bring Love to be one,
it’s our destiny that we found,
we are together, to live forever
Love so deep, in every heartbeat.

It’s the mighty power, the energy,
the unending grace, that let us be
Lovers of a future dream,
livin’ it in every heartbeat.

Feelin’ it in the wideness of space,
seein’ it everywhere, in every face.
Feelin’ it in the moments of delight,
seein’ it in the morning sun bright.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany