Love Of My Heart (by Diana Antara)

The future of our children,
will it be happy and free?
A life in Love and fulfillment
of all their dreams?
Can they play in the sunlight,
laughin’ under the trees?
When I look at you I see
the new light, it shines
in your eyes, Love of my Heart.

There’s one power to save all and heal the pain of this world:
true Love is our Future-way.
She gives hope, makes heaven return.
We don’t know if tomorrow
the sun will rise again,
but if we live for Love and not for sorrow
our life won’t be in vain.

I just want to hold you and protect you in my arms,
feelin’ your tenderness and your body’s warmth.
To see your beautiful smile of deepest Love
is sweet, you are my blissful sun,
you are the Love of my heart.

Times are heavy and dark in this world of wars,
where it fades into oblivion why we are here, for what we are born.
We got to feel how true and real
is the light of our souls.
I’m so happy with you, Love of my Heart,
and together we will reach the goal.

Playin’ in the sunlight,
laughin’ under the trees,
yes, when I look at you I see
it is living in you,
Love of my Heart.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany