Love On Top Of The World (by The Fabulous Sound Sisters)

Love on top of the world.
This is the way we live.
Love on top of the world.
This is the truth we are.
Wanna sing and dance together with us
during this wonderful night
when we kindle the light.

Open your self, jump around,
let out what lives inside,
feel the passion, feel the warmth.
Move your body to the rhythm,
be part of the gang,
feel the joy embracing you
with love on top of the world.

We move forward towards our goal
to make the world into a better place,
where the earth will be healed
becomes a green paradise,
a world of creative joy and peace
where all live together in happiness:
flowers and animals, trees and seas,
children and stars, men and women.

All together for
love on top of the world.
Be part of this life
where we are together
to help each other on the way
to reach this wonderful goal
of a new world, a new earth,
human unity and a happy future
for us all, for our world family.

Love on top of the world
and we are strong, we are sweet,
we are happy, we are warm,
we are hot and we are wild
with emotions burning high
into the sky, into the light
of a soulful new life
with love on top of the world.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali and Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany