Morningfire (by Diana Antara)

Fly, high and wide.
Fly, with freedom inside.

The wind blows soft through the night,
mystery shadows are moving in the light
of the moon shinin’ with all its magic bright
that enchants everyone with the might
of Love fiery, deep and infinite,
burning strong with endless delight.

Magic light of the moon,
dreams of heaven in every tune.
Morningfire of destiny,
for a life happy and forever free.

Risin’ into cosmic spheres
and it’s the call we hear
of life forever, to be reborn
on Earth, where we came
to fall in Love so many times again,
dreamin’ with the sun and in the rain.

Fly into the morningfire,
feelin’ the beat of desire,
inside the heart, pounding wilder,
burnin’ one with the morningfire.

Yes, fly over the desert,
one with the wind, towards the sun.
Reaching a new shore,
touchin’ the waves of the ocean golden and warm.
Morningfire of a new world,
of Love and everlasting peace on Earth.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany