Remember Your Heart (by Diana Antara)

The day when I was born,
everything was still unknown.
There was pureness in life
and the Love of a child.
Yes, loving like a child, with trust, I had nothing to hide
with all dreams alive the sun was a-shining bright.

But life is a-changing, every moment is not the same.
We got to keep on movin’, whatever happens in this time.
At the beginning there’s Love in everyone and if it fades, everything becomes strange,
with Love we understand and know our way, find the aim.

Remember your heart,
when you feel like to fall
and on the long way down
you hear the inner call.

You reach out your hand,
there is someone lifting you up again.
A real and true friend,
yes, your Love will save you from the end.

Remember your heart,
where you feel, where it’s warm.
And when it’s cold and dark,
then remember your heart.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany