Something Beautiful (by Diana Antara)

There’s always something beautiful in every life,
something true and wide, hidden deep inside.
There’s always someone giving you warmth and tenderness,
kissing all the sweet dreams of your beautiful soul.
A power, saving you from the coldness of night,
embracing your heart with flaming delight.

When you feel lost in this dark time then think at something beautiful,
givin’ you strength, something you remember forever.
It will lead you into the wideness of Love and happiness,
the free land, the living paradise.

We are here to create something beautiful,
to bring to everyone all the glory and freedom of Heaven’s Love.
Being together to be the Union of planet Earth,
for our children to grow towards a beautiful life.
In every moment we can strengthen hope
and stand for true life, true Love.
Love and joy are great,
are bringin’ youth and beauty into the world.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany