Space Light (by The Fabulous Sound Sisters)

Limitless the magic of love
fulfilling all beautiful dreams
always burning hot with the fire
of your deepest soul shining bright
with the light of truth and hope.
Sweet a tender kiss, strong with happiness,
with the storm of love and delight.

Space Light, power of love and oneness.
Space Light, one inside your heart,
one with the cosmos, the all, everywhere.
Space Light, golden burning bliss.
Space Light is sweetness,
is warmth of gratitude and kindness.

True understanding of eternity.
Endless finding of the one,
everywhere in everybody, in everything,
in cells and stars, in galaxies, in you,
the same power of love, soul and light.

It’s your chance to choose,
to lose or to win
for what you are living here.

Space Light, strong with love,
sweetness of bliss
and all beauty a heart can give.

Space Light burns for the victory.
Bright fire fighting for a new world.
Space Light dreaming into infinity,
dreaming of a new world of love,
beauty, harmony and peace.
Space Light of the future
burning hot and bright like stars.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali & Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany