The Power Of Odin (by Diana Antara)

Appearing with the Northwind
the great heroes, everyone with sword and shield.
On giant horses they come
accompanied by Odin’s might and power strong.

Riding together with courageous hearts,
to their ship where their journey starts.
They row down the big river to the sea,
the unpredictable ocean endless and deep.

Flash and thunder, raging storm on the sea.
Nothing frightens them, their hearts are burning free.
Warriors bringing respect and dignity
they hear Valhalla’s call of victory.
The power of Odin is their leading force,
the way of the glorious men of the North.
Born to conquer and live their destiny,
fearless confronting every adventure’s mystery.

The Power of Odin is great, is wide.

Celebrations in the night, with the fires warm light,
singin’ of their victories and the might
of Odin’s Power bright.

The power of Odin reveals the way to the glorious kingdom,
ignites the fire of inner strength, courage and wisdom.

Returning back to their land,
welcomed by their beautiful women
the great heroes come home,
protected by Odin’s Power strong.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany