Wonders Of Earth (by Diana Antara)

Sunlight and a blue sky,
clear waters deep and bright,
meadows full of flowers green and wide:
all the wonders of the Earth.

She is our home, she is our life.
She’s giving all her beauty bright.
On her we can move, on her we can sleep
feelin’ her in our hands, in every touch of our feet.
Dancing on her ground, breathin’ the wind
her fruits she gives to eat, her water to drink.
Living with her nature beautiful and wide
Earth is a treasure of manyfold life.

Sunlight and a blue sky.

Let‘s live and work together
to protect and care for her
like she does it always for everyone
who came here and was born
on Earth, our planet so great and sweet
with all her islands and oceans deep.

Earthdream in all the flowers and trees.
Wonders of Earth,
mountains high and all the animals on land, sea and the sky.

All the wonders of the Earth.

Lyrics & Music: Diana Antara administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany