Michel Montecrossa: Art-Biography and Evolving Biography


Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa is one of today’s most prolific songwriter, orchestral composer, painter, writer, moviemaker, futurist architect and cyberartist. He created more than 2200 songs and instrumentals playing a wide variety of musical styles ranging from cyberrock dance-drive, cybermetal, nu ethno, vikingsongs and slam poetry topical songs to futuristic cybersymphonies in concerts and recordings you won’t forget. “Song-music and instrumental-music”, says Michel Montecrossa, “both have the same origin in the highest creative consciousness. They are two ways for expressing the joy, the energy, the tenderness and the happy feeling of life coming through consciousness expanding experience. Song-music and instrumental-music in their cyber-modern as well as in their classical-modern forms are therefore a harmoniously self-fulfilling completeness in my artistic work. My concerts are the live presentation of this creative unity, in a future oriented way bringing together song- and instrumental music.”


To the journalist Diana Oslow he said in an interview about his life and music: “I grew up in an environment of freedom and creative encouragement. My father played violin in Memphis, my mother was singing in a choir in Vienna. They met in Paris, and when I was born they joined a travelin’ artists group doin’ all kinds of performances in the States and on the way from France up to India and back: acting, happenings, music – all kinds of shows.
As a child I was fascinated by electronical experimental soundstructures which were used by the group for dance and lightshows. I was about five when I created an electronical soundimage for an art-happening. As a teenager I made films and played guitar. Many ideas from that time grew into songs afterwards. A free-mind stand, saying and singing what one is doing is a natural thing to me. My story is in the music, my life is the message. … It’s the challenge of taking the responsibility for your life with courage, high spirit, dedication to music, commitment to those who listen.”
Michel Montecrossa in 1992 launched his dynamic Cyberrocker and Cybersymphonic Composer career as peace-musician and consciousness-expansion artist after he founded in Italy together with his friends Mirapuri, an eco-art-awareness community based on liberal and world-open humanistic-spiritual ideals, well documented in Michel Montecrossa’s internationally acclaimed books ‘The Sunrevolution’ and ‘Mirapuri And The New Consciousness’. Michel Montecrossa together with his band ‘The Chosen Few’ and his ‘Lightsound Orchestra’ is performing 40 – 60 concerts every year. His songs are listed at Billboard, AFN and other charts. His CDs, DVDs and books are available at www.Mirapuri-Shop.comwww.Michel-iTunes.com and various other places. Michel Montecrossa expresses through his great songs, lyrics and symphonies his free-mind stand and consciousness-expanding outlook. Michel Montecrossa is singing in his strong and expressive way about the joy of life, about love and peace, about anti-war, about saving the climate of our earth and expresses through his symphonic creations the power of meditation. The extraordinary work of Michel Montecrossa is constantly moving further. In addition to his treasure of music he has created stunningly artistic movies like the erotic ‘Reality Rocker’ series in 6 parts, the touching and mysterious overground-musical ‘Living The Experience’, ‘The Portrait Of A Cyberrocker’, ‘Michel Montecrossa & his Superchicks – Couch Party at MTV’ and the mind-blowing cinema vérité music-action movies ‘Going to the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy’, ‘The Invisible Wall’, ‘The Resurrection Movie’ and ‘The House Of Time, Part One – Every Moment’.
Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement-Movies take a stand for the true solution of the problems of an interdependent globalized world. This solution finding Michel Montecrossa brings to the worldwide audience through his New-Topical-Song-Movement-Movies. In close touch with reality as it unfolds they are both: A top – actual response as well as a historic statement. With the New-Topical-Song-Movement-Movies Michel Montecrossa has evolved a high level of artistic analysis of world-events based on positive ethics and spiritual realism. The New-Topical-Song-Movement-Movies are progressively released as mirrors of our present days linked to the possibilities of the future. The New-Topical-Song-Movement-Movie collections are: Vision & Action, Occupy Wall Street and Evolver Cool. The ongoing production of New-Topical-Song-Movement-Movies can be seen here.

Another side of his creativity as a filmmaker expresses itself as Peace-Meditation-Movies with high spiritual value: Darshan, Meditation In Mahabalipuram, Offering, Meditations On Savitri Series in 12 parts, The Hour Of God, The Sound And Soulworld Series in 3 parts, The Jesus Symphony, Christmas Symphony and The Symphony Of Light.

Besides music- and movie-making Michel Montecrossa also is an outstanding poet and writer, documented in the publication of his ‘Song Lyrics #1’ and ‘Song Lyrics #2’ presenting 1750 of his song poems and the publication of his fantasy action novel ‘Tarana And The Island Of Immortality’ and many other important releases.

A further outstanding side of Michel Montecrossa’s creative genius are his paintings, drawings, cyberart and architectural work which can be seen in permanent exhibitions in Mirapuri, Italy and Miravillage, Germany.

When Michel Montecrossa is not in the studio working on new productions he is on the road together with Mirakali and their band ‘The Chosen Few’ and their ‘Lightsound Orchestra’ (Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Artis Aldschalis, David Butterfield) presenting through his live-concerts a Cyber-Rock & Symphony Vision come true. Michel Montecrossa and his musicians are living in Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy. Their music is a continually evolving message, a Cyber-Music dream come true. Every month they perform live at the Music-Hall of the Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel in Mirapuri as well as at the Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner in Gauting near Munich, Germany and other places. They lead a life of friendship and experience, artistically expressing the impact of life and future possibilities. Michel Montecrossa and his musicians continuously create new songs and instrumentals, new lyrics, new styles of performance. Every concert is a new Cyber-Music Journey. It is fascinating to experience them and get the feeling of Cyber-Music which is not isolated in an alien world but part of a consciousness-expanding outlook on things and a practical way of life being more than an alternative to present conformity. Michel Montecrossa 1993 started the Spirit of Woodstock Festival which since then takes place every year in July / August for ten exciting days in Mirapuri-Coiromonte in the North-Italian Mountains. The Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri is the leading Festival of the Free-Music-Revolution and is combined with the hearty feastin’ and drinkin’ flavour of Mirapuri’s one and only Original Bavarian Oktoberfest in Italy as well as the love Flowerpower-Happening of the Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering. The Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri offers to visitors and participants great multicultural entertainment with international flair and an inimitable atmosphere of Love and Joy. During the ten days of the Spirit of Woodstock Festival Michel Montecrossa, his band The Chosen Few and his Lightsound Orchestra sing and play along with international guest-bands for a happy and enthusiastic audience. Michel Montecrossa and his musicians also play at other Mirapuri Festivals dedicating their songs and symphonies to the cause of a better tomorrow. They bring great 21st Century Cyberrock, Metal, Dancedrive, Cybersymphonies and Poetic Songs of Peace, Power, Love and Happiness to the stage. Michel Montecrossa sings with his golden voice of rich emotion, sensual power and global commitment. Michel Montecrossa is high-class musical drive: electrifying, charming and warm, embracing the audience with the energy of his personality and his outstanding Guitar-Electronica Rock-Metal-Dance and Acoustic performances as well as his Cybersymphonic flair. He is great message and joy for every audience and a good time with sensual dancedrive, meditative and poetic meaning: positive and young, givin’ everyone an experience to remember and to love. Michel Montecrossa concerts are great celebrations of happy power, drive, emotion and contemplation for an audience enjoying the magic of rhythm, love, peace and a stunning variety of musical styles makin’ everyone feel better. He comes with the heart of a freedomloving man easily bridging the vast reaches from High-Energy Cyberrock-Metal to Acoustic-Poetic Ballads and Cybersymphonies. Michel Montecrossa is an outstanding 21st century voice and musician: encouraging, full of life with great songs, instrumentals and sounds that tell of peace, power, love and happiness in concerts you won’t forget.

Michel Montecrossa says about his music: “My music is Cyberrock as well as Cybersymphony. Futuristic Cyberrock and futuristic Cybersymphony. I do it with my band and orchestra, 21st century style. Of course it also goes on into the 24th century. It’s Cyberrock and Metal Fusion and it’s also Power-Dance and Techno-Dancedrive with a healthy dose of Nu-Romance and the wide ranges of Cybersymphony. Anyway, it’s Cyberrock and Cybersymphony unified. You see, I come from a background of do it yourself ethics and together with my musicians I create something quite new. Well, it’s Cybermusic. The music and the lyrics go together and have this strong message of power, love, peace and happiness. In my music the hero is Bruce Lee and in my poetry and my songlyrics it’s Picasso. That means I do in my music what Bruce Lee was doin’ in martial art and I do in my lyrics what Picasso did in his paintings … So better come to the show!”

Evolving Biography

Michel Montecrossa (born October 28, 1945 in Vienna, ) is a European Media Entrepreneur, Author, Musician, Painter, Film-Maker, Futurist, Consciousness Researcher and Founder of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe

  1. Life and Work
    1. Childhood and Youth (1945-1962)
    2. Studies and artistic development (1962-1968)
    3. Beginning of professional work and literary publications (1968-1969)
    4. Beginning of the work as a film producer, director, screenwriter and actor (1969)
    5. Beginning of career as a singer and songwriter (1968-1969)
    6. Evolving work as Futurist and Consciousness Researcher. Origin of the idea of Mirapuri as City of Peace and Futureman in Europe (1969)
    7. Expansion of the artistic, musical, literary and philosophical work (1969-1981)
    8. Development till the foundation and beginning of Mirapuri (1971-1981)
    9. Activities in Mirapuri, marriage, and comprehensive artistic and ecological work (1981-2010)
    10. New-Topical-Song-Movement, Evolver Books, Art and Movie Making (2011-2012)
    11. Music, Art, Movies, Books, Exhibitions, Concerts and Festivals in 2013
  2. Discography
    1. Albums
    2. Box Sets
  3. Writings (selection)
  4. Filmography (selection)
  5. Links

Life and Work

Childhood and Youth (1945-1962)
Michel Montecrossa grew up in a liberal, open-minded artistic environment. His father in his early years played violin in Memphis, studied chemistry after his return to Europe and worked as an independent plastics merchant and art collector in Switzerland and Germany. Michel Montecrossa‘s mother up to her marriage was choir singer in Vienna and then worked in the company of her husband. Due to the openness of his art-interested parents and their traveling spirit Michel Montecrossa from the start came in contact with artists and business people of all kinds and at times was on the road with a group of artists. Michel Montecrossa‘s parents recognized his artistic talent, which expressed itself beginning at the age of six through painting, poetry and music and continued to unfold through self-study of piano, guitar and harmonica, which enabled him from twelve years onwards to appear on stage.
He also sang as a member of the Bavarian Radio Children’s Choir of Rudolf Kiermayer.

Studies and Artistic Development (1962-1968)
Starting in 1962, Michel Montecrossa received music lessons (piano, vocals, guitar and the fundamentals of electronic music). In 1964 he attended the state-approved ‘München Studio‘ drawing and painting school of Waki Zoellner, who received the 1969 Schwabing Art Prize for Sculpture and other awards. After completion of the painting and drawing school followed an additional degree in education and psychology. Parallel to his attendance at the painting and drawing school Michel Montecrossa studied with private teachers film and photo technology as well as philosophy.
In 1965 he for the first time presented a comprehensive exhibition of paintings, art objects and electronic compositions (‘Sound Pictures‘) from 14th till 21 November at the Youth Center in St. Konrad Neuaubing.
1968, his light objects and electronic music were presented from 18th till 31st May in the Gallery Kückels in Bochum, followed by a two-day light show, film and electronic music program on 23rd and 24th November 1968 in ‘Das andere Kino‘ (‘The Other Cinema‘) in the Westendstr., Munich.

Beginning of Professional Work and Literary Publications (1968-1969)
After graduation he worked as a freelance cartoonist for the Moewig-Verlag, (Publishing House) for which he created the ‘Sternschnuppe‘ (‘Shooting Star‘) series and worked as a translator of philosophical and psychological works for Fischer paperback publishing house. His paintings were shown together with his electronic sound compositions in various exhibitions in Germany. During this period he was co-founder of the ‘Mandala Art Group‘ that was dedicated to future-oriented art.
Michel Montecrossa‘s artistic and philosophical interests in 1968-1969 brought him into contact with the works of the Indian poet and philosopher Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950), who studied and was raised in Europe (mostly England) and after his college years returned to India, where he unified in his poetic and philosophical works the humanist spirit of Europe with the Indo-Asian spirituality.
In those years, Michel Montecrossa began to publish poems in various magazines including the literary magazine ‘Der Leguan‘ by Gerhard Merz. He participated with artistic ‘Sens-Actions‘ at the ‘Schwabing Weeks‘ and published in early 1969 his symbolic and surreal story ‘The Voice Of The Divine And The First Step‘.

Beginning of the work as a Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter and Actor (1969)
Michel Montecrossa then started to work as a film producer and completed in 1969 his landmark film ‘The Great Archetype‘, which he conceived in a style similar to the consciousness-stream approach of James Joyce.

Beginning of career as a Singer and Songwriter (1968-1969)
1968-1969 Michel Montecrossa also began his career as a singer and songwriter with his first concerts in Munich and later in Europe and America. In his songs Michel Montecrossa expresses, from the outset his free intellectual commitment and feeling for life.
The musical work of Michel Montecrossa grew till the 21st Century to more than 2,000 songs, instrumental compositions and lyrics that are being performed internationally. The first publication of his songs was the 1968 LP release ‘Lieder aus der anderen Zeit‘. After 1968 the issues of climate change and world peace became ever more prominent in his songs and lyrics.

Evolving work as Futurist and Consciousness Researcher. Origin of the Idea of Mirapuri as City of Peace and Futureman in Europe (1969)
At the end of 1969 he came into personal contact with the French artist and consciousness researcher Mira Alfassa (1878–1973) who was living in Pondicherry, South India and was the companion of Sri Aurobindo. After an intense cultural journey through Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan Michel Montecrossa arrived in November 1969 in Pondicherry. Given the prior correspondence with Mira Alfassa he could now regularly visit her for conversations, mainly on culture and philosophy. During this time the idea for Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europa was developed together with Mira Alfassa. The aim of Mirapuri is to help in the realization of the ideal of human unity. Michel Montecrossa‘s philosophical reference work ‘The Sunrevolution’ is based on his conversations with Mira Alfassa. In the following years Michel Montecrossa came in contact with a number of philosophical personalities such as Jean Gebser, the Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti, and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker. With the latter, he, in the seventies, created two talkshows for the Bavarian Radio under the direction of Dr. Udo Reiter.
In these years Michel Montecrossa wrote several children‘s books (‘Vier Märchen der Liebe‘) and drew cartoons (including ‘Sinus und der Erdgeist‘). In addition to song composing he turned in his musical work to creating modern classical instrumental music, which he combined in part with poem recitations.
As film producer, he was mainly involved in documentaries and, among others, has released a documentary about the visit of the Dalai Lama to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry and Auroville.

Expansion of the Artistic, Musical, Literary and Philosophical Work (1969-1981)
From 1969 till 1981 Michel Montecrossa mainly lived in Auroville (South India) where he worked as an art teacher, musician, film-maker and author. During this time he also worked with the musician Sunil Bhattacharya as co-composer, producer and electric guitarist in nearby Pondicherry. With Sunil Bhattacharya, who was one of the pioneers of electronic music in India, he came in contact through Mira Alfassa. During the summer holidays Michel Montecrossa was in Europe to pursue his many artistic activities and to establish with the support of Mira Alfassa the Filmaur Multimedia – Film and Television Production Company. Mira Alfassa then put him in charge of the production of the ‘Meditations on Savitri‘ film series, which she described as her legacy to the world. The series is an adaptation of Sri Aurobindo‘s major poetic work Savitri, visualized on the basis of drawings and descriptions by Mira Alfassa, combined with her recitations of passages from Savitri and her organ music. The Filmaur production company was founded on April 24, 1972 and soon afterwards expanded with the departments Mira Sound Germany, Miraprint – digital and offset printing as well as the Mirapuri-Verlag into today‘s Filmaur Multimedia Germany. At the time, Michel Montecrossa also acted in the TV-serial ‘Ehen vor Gericht‘ under the direction of Rupert Essberger and produced for the Swiss television an Auroville documentation and the documentary ‘Meditation in Mahabalipuram‘.

Development till the Foundation and Beginning of Mirapuri (1971-1981)
From 1971 onwards the idea of Mirapuri was taken up by interested friends, artists, workers and entrepreneurs, who in earnest began to prepare the design and creation of Mirapuri as a City of Peace and Future Man in Italy. This circle of friends formed the basis of the Mirapuri-Freunde e.V. (Friends of Mirapuri registered society). The Friends of Mirapuri (Mirapuri-Freunde e.V.) now further pursued all the steps, from the first land purchases to initial construction work and to the founding of Mirapuri on 15 August 1978, near the village of Coiromonte in Northern Italy (Contact Address: Via Monte Faló 8, 28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte), and in 1981 to the establishment of Miravillage, the first satellite of Mirapuri in Gauting, Germany. In Miravillage, Danziger Str 1, since then the Filmaur Multimedia is located and runs additional production studios in Mirapuri. The Friends of Mirapuri (Mirapuri-Freunde e.V.) also financed the building of ‘New Community‘, a social and cultural center in the Auroville settlement ‘Certitude‘. ‘New Community‘ was one of the last projects that arose from the collaboration of Michel Montecrossa and Mira Alfassa. Founded in 1973 it is conceived as an international meeting place and as a guesthouse for Mirapuri friends.
Michel Montecrossa led the creation of the New Community Center until its completion and full commissioning in 1978 and accompanied the local cultural activities in the New Community Center until 1981.

Activities in Mirapuri, Marriage, and Comprehensive Artistic and Ecological Work (1981-2010)
Since 1981, Michel Montecrossa lives mainly in Mirapuri, which since then has grown into an independent, democratically organized community. In the Mirapuri community he helps with his artistic and entrepreneurial activities for the growth of Mirapuri and is committed through presentations and lectures to the development of the Sri Aurobindo University in Mirapuri as an international consciousness research university.
In 1987 he married the artist and musician Mirakali, with whom he has two children.
From 1986 onwards Michel Montecrossa began an intense and sustained period of film production including his ‘Portrait‘, the Overground Musical ‘Living the Experience‘, the ‘Reality Rocker‘ series and the consciousness-stream musicals ‘Invisible Wall‘ and ‘The Resurrection Movie‘ which are dedicated to the cause of peace and climate change.
Michel Montecrossa till the beginning of the 21st Century, created more than 2000 songs and symphonic compositions, which he performs in regular concerts (about 40 per year) since 1992. Michel Montecrossa also is, in collaboration with Sony BMG, one of the most comprehensive cover-artist of Bob Dylan‘s song work. Other musicians who were reinterpreted by Michel Montecrossa include Robert Johnson, Jimmy Rodgers, Woody Guthrie, Stan Jones, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Freddy Quinn, Lonnie Donegan, Paul Anka, Robbie Robertson, Françoise Hardy, Kris Kristofferson, Led Zeppelin, Holly Sherwood, Ulali and Avril Lavigne. In his own songs, Michel Montecrossa is together with his band The Chosen Few (Mirakali, David Butterfield, Artis Aldschalis) committed to peace, free spirit, and tackling of climate change. For the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he wrote the song ‘Believe in your Dream,‘ which through the support of the Deutschen Olympischen Sportbund (German Olympic Sports Federation) was performed in the athletics stadium. For the world exhibition Expo 2008 in Saragossa, he wrote the internationally acclaimed song ‘Water is Life‘ and produced a film for the song that was displayed during the entire duration of the Expo. Also in this time Michel Montecrossa‘s song ‘This World Is My World‘ was presented by an advertising campaign of the Dutch newspaper AD. During the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, Michel Montecrossa supported him in the media with the song ‘New President‘ and received the message ‘Keep on moving with your saving message‘.
As an activist he promotes afforestation, the development of energy-efficient houses, and young, progressive music and art through the sponsorship of several international cultural festivals in Mirapuri (International Free Cinema Film Festival, Sunrevolution Green Industry Products Festival & Fair, Mirasiddhi Wellness Music Festival, Mirapuri World Peace Festival, Spirit of Woodstock Festival, Dreamspace Electronica Festival, Michel & Bob Dylan Fest, Mirapuri World Literature Fest and the New Age Seminars).
The literary work of Michel Montecrossa includes more than 40 major works in the fields of poetry, song lyrics, short stories, novels, philosophy and art. In addition to the English ‘The Sunrevolution‘, the German ‘Mirapuri und die Philosophie des Spirituellen Realismus‘ and a multi-volume Mirapuri documentation are the most important basic works for studying the thoughts and world-views of Michel Montecrossa.
The filmography of Michel Montecrossa includes more than 100 productions in short film and feature film length. The essential characteristic of his films is the Stream of Consciousness style. Michel Montecrossa‘s films fall into the following genres: documentary, meditative film, sci-fi action, CG and Consciousness Stream musical.
The visual art of Michel Montecrossa includes hundreds of paintings, drawings and digital Cyber-Art pictures in different styles and techniques. His architectural designs are incorporated into the design of Mirapuri. His art is exhibited internationally.
In 2001 he published the novel ‘Tarana and the Island of Immortality’ in German and English.
More recently, Michel Montecrossa engaged in the field of healing and wellness music as well as sacred music. His large-scale, multi-hour wellness music work ‘Sound and Soul World Cybersymphony‘ was performed on 10th November 2007 during the Liquid Sound Festival in the Toskana Therme, Bad Sulza. His sacred music masterpiece ‘The Jesus Symphony‘, on which he worked for several years, had premiere on 14th November 2009 in the St. Martin‘s Church Lagerlechfeld, Germany.
Michel Montecrossa in 2010 completed the production of the first part of his Courage and Love Climate Change musical ‘The House of Time‘ which he began to shoot in May 2009 in Paris. Invited by the Program Director Ph. D. Igor Neshcheret of the cultural and educational program ‘Images of Human Communication‘ organization committee of Interuniversity UNESCO Chair of Philosophy of Human Communication (Kharkov, Ukraine) Michel Montecrossa‘s Stream of Consciousness Musical ‘Going To The Spirit Of Woodstock Festival In Mirapuri‘ had its Ukrainian premiere on 17th November 2010 at the famous ‘Bommer Cinema‘ in Kharkov.

New-Topical-Song-Movement, Evolver Books, Art and Movie Making (2011-2012)
In 2011 Michel Montecrossa started the ‘New-Topical-Song-Movement’ with the aim to create a continuous series of topical songs about social, political, ecological and economical matters of our time. In these songs he encourages positive awareness and solution finding. By the end of 2011 the New-Topical-Song-Movement gained international momentum with surpassing 1 million viewers (Vimeo statistics) and reaching a worldwide audience in more than 90 countries.
For most of the New-Topical-Songs Michel Montecrossa created Music Videos in his ‘Stream Of Consciousness Movie Style’. Important New-Topical-Song-Movement-Movie releases in 2011 are ‘Vision & Action’ and ‘Occupy Wall Street’ followed by ‘Evolver Cool’ in 2012, presenting 73 internationally acclaimed topical songs and movies.
Parallel to the New-Topical-Song-Movement Michel Montecrossa published in 2011-2012 several Evolver Books about social and consciousness growth issues:

  • The Sunrevolution
  • Die Zeichen der Zeit
  • Mut, Liebe, Zukunft und der Puls der Jugend
  • Courage & Love Song Lyrics Book
  • Happy Future Song Lyrics Book
  • The Resurrection Movie Art Book
  • Forever Love
  • Future World Song Lyrics Book

Simultaneously the theme of liberal awareness buildings is expressed by Michel Montecrossa in his paintings, drawings and digital cyberart which is made accessible through the internet and exhibitions in Italy and Germany.
In 2012 Michel Montecrossa entered the production phase for part two of his ‘The House Of Time’ Sci-Fi and CG feature-movie with the title ‘Every Day Is The Day’.
In the field of modern classical music he completed the sacral music-triptych about the life of Jesus with the ‘Jesus Symphony’, ‘The Maria Magdalena Symphony’ and ‘The Christmas Symphony’. Two more symphonies with the titles ‘Love & Unity Symphony’ and ‘The Symphony Of Light’ were also recorded in 2012. Both are orchestral compositions combined with short recitations of poetry. For his ‘Strong Is My Christmas Dream‘ song production Michel Montecrossa received the Tunes Award December 2012.

Music, Art, Movies, Books, Exhibitions, Concerts and Festivals 2013 into the future
Michel Montecrossa‘s New Year Concert 2013 that took place in the Omnidiet Music-Hall of Mirapuri was the opening for his ‘Love World Action‘ & Climate Change Concert Tour 2013 which throughout the year is featuring his latest New-Topical-Songs as well as new Cyberrock, Cyber-Dance and Cyber-Viking Songs. On 23rd March 2013 the Spring-Summer Exhibition of his top-actual paintings and drawings was opened in the New-Art-Gallery at the Filmaur Multimedia House in Gauting near Munich, Germany. 2013 also was the year for the premiere of his Courage & Love Musical ‘The House Of Time’, Part Two: ‘Every Day Is The Day’. He also released in addition to the continuous flow of actual New-Topical-Song Movies and Audio-Singles the New-Topical-Song and Movie Collection ‘Top Topical‘ on Audio-CD & DVD as well as the ‘Greatest Hits Collection‘ from his 2012 ‘Love & Unity‘ Concert Tour and the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2011 and 2012 complete Song Collections. The lyrics for all songs were also published as books.
In the domain of meditative and sacral music Michel Montecrossa released the New Year Music 2013 with the title ‘The Divine Realization Symphony‘ on Audio-CD and ‘The Maria Magdalena Symphony‘ as Special DVD Release for Easter.
Together with his band ‘The Chosen Few‘ Michel Montecrossa performed as part of his ‘Love World Action‘ & Climate Change Concert Tour 2013 at all major Festivals of Mirapuri (The Sunrevolution Festival, Michel & Bob Dylan Fest, Mirasiddhi Wellness Music Festival, Mirapuri Free Cinema Filmfestival, Mirapuri World Peace Festival, Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Dream Space Electronica Festival, Mirapuri World Literature Fest and the New Age Seminars).
In 2013 on 24th April Michel Montecrossa gave a big interview for the e-zine ‘Supers Souls’ directed by Dirk Terpstra.
The Festivals were accompanied by exhibitions of the constant flow of new drawings and paintings by Michel Montecrossa. On 28th September 2013 was the opening of the Autumn-Winter Exhibition of Michel Montecrossa‘s latest paintings and drawings at the New-Art-Gallery of the Filmaur Multimedia House. On this occasion, Michel Montecrossa together with his band The Chosen Few performed his revolutionary Electronica Love World Action Song-Concert opening into his next future of Stream-Of-Consciousness Art, Music, Movies, Books and Consciousness Exploration. A journey which led to the Mirapuri World Literature Fest 2013 and to the New Year ‘Love & Sweetness’ concert 2014 as the beginning of the ‘Love & Sweetness’ Concert Tour 2014. On 1st January 2014 the ‘Symphony Of Love & Sweetness’ had its premiere at the Miravinci Meditation Center of Mirapuri followed by a series of concerts in Mirapuri and Miravillage and the opening of the CREATION Spring – Summer Exhibition of new Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings at the New Art Gallery in the Filmaur Multimedia House of the Miravillage …
Follow Michel Montecrossa‘s story as it unfolds: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Albums (selection)

  • Atmosphere (1986)
  • Freiheit (1986)
  • Girl (1986)
  • Something‘s Crushin‘ In (2006)
  • Michel Montecrossa Unplugged (2006)
  • Urvasie Part I-X (2006)
  • Shall We Go To War Again? (2007)
  • Sweet Earth – Save The Climate Of Our Earth # 1 (2007)
  • The Soul World Cybersymphony Part 1 & 2 (2007)
  • The Jesus Symphony (2009)
  • Complete concert recordings (since 1993 every year)
  • New Year‘s music, since 1981

Complete list www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Box Sets (selection)

  • Power Collection Vol. 1-12 Audio-CD Set (1966–1996)
  • Reality Rocker, 6 Audio-CD and DVD-Box (1993)
  • Climate Change & New Topical Song Collections since 2008 every year
  • on CD-box sets and DVD Movies
  • Michel Montecrossa‘s Michel & Bob Dylan Festivals (since 2001 every year),
  • on CD-box sets and DVD Movies
  • Spirit of Woodstock Festivals, (since 1993 every year) on CD-box sets and DVD Movies

Extended list www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Writings (selection)

  • The Sunrevolution, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2003, ISBN 3-922800-76-9
  • Vier Märchen der Liebe, Mirapuri-Verlag, 1984, ISBN 3-922800-14-9
  • Venasha, Mirapuri-Verlag, 1986, ISBN 978-3-922800-26-2
  • Sri Aurobindo und Die Mutter – Leben und Werk, Mirapuri-Verlag, 1988, ISBN 3-922800-22-X
  • Jesus und das Licht der Neuen Welt, Mirapuri-Verlag, 1991, ISBN 3-922800-38-6
  • Mirapuri – City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy (English Edition), ISBN 978-3-922800-74-3 / (German Edition), ISBN 978-3-922800-72-9 / (Italian Edition), ISBN 978-3-922800-89-7, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2001,
  • Tarana and the Island of Immortality, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2001, ISBN 3-922800-73-4
  • Cyberbeat Poetry and Image Power, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2004, ISBN 978-3-922800-85-9
  • Words of Love and Hope, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2004, ISBN 978-3-922800-82-8
  • Song Lyrics # 1, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2005, ISBN 978-3-922800-83-5
  • Sunmessages, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2005, ISBN 978-3-922800-93-4
  • Mirapuri And The New Consciousness, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2006, ISBN 978-3-86710-003-8
  • Mirapuri und die Philosophie des Spirituellen Realismus,
  • Mirapuri-Verlag, 2007, ISBN 978-3-86710-041-0
  • Song Lyrics # 2, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2007, ISBN 978-3-86710-045-8
  • Sunray Revolution Song Lyrics, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2008, ISBN 978-3-86710-046-5
  • Forever Love: Poems & Images, ISBN: Mirapuri-Verlag, 2009, ISBN 978-3-86710-056-4
  • Courage & Love Song Lyrics, Mirapuri-Verlag, 2010, ISBN 978-3-86710-059-5
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