‘Talking Blockupy – Über Blockupy Reden’ Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement Audio Single, DVD and Download about change into ethical-social capitalism in Europe

Talking Blockupy - Über Blockupy Reden

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Blockupy – Über Blockupy Reden’, released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio Single, DVD and Download takes a positive stand for a new ethical-social change in European capitalism. The song was written on the day of the ECB tower inauguration in Frankfurt, Germany which was surrounded by constructive as well as destructive protests of the Blockupy Movement. Michel Montecrossa is not for violence, but sees the good side of Blockupy being critical of gross capitalism in Europe if it leads to a peaceful change into an ethical-social capitalism that can bring solidarity to all member states of the European Union and can open greater ways into Eurasia and the United States of Planet Earth, ways that will lead away from rising poverty, rising youth unemployment and rising social injustice not only in Europe but everywhere on earth.

Michel Montecrossa says about his song ‘Talking Blockupy – Über Blockupy Reden’:
“I wrote my song ‘Talking Blockupy – Über Blockupy Reden’ on the occasion of the ECB tower inauguration in Frankfurt, Germany. The inauguration ceremony was accompanied by Blockupy protests and a violent criticism of capitalism. My song takes a non-violent stand for an alternative outlook on European economy values and an ethical-social change in capitalism for a better future of Europe in the Eurasian and the World Unification context. Blockupy in its constructive thinking can be a good stimulus for taking action against rising poverty, rising youth unemployment and rising social injustice in Europe which endanger not only the EU but the whole world. That’s why it is good to listen to Blockupy and to talk about Blockupy.”

Listen to reason, listen to Blockupy! / Nehmt Vernunft an, hört auf Blockupy! / It’s time to be critical of gross capitalism! /Krassen Kapitalismus muss man heute kritisch betrachten!
Blockupy protests for a living humanity! / Blockupy Proteste für eine lebendige Menschlichkeit! / At the ECB Tower in Frankfurt, Germany. / Vor dem EZB Turm in Frankfurt, Germany.
Blockupy says: “It is time to share!” / Blockupy sagt: “Es ist Zeit zu teilen!” / Deutsche Bank says: “We can understand.” / Deutsche Bank sagt: “Können wir verstehen.”
I say: “Release Greece from all debt.” / Ich sage: “Schuldenerlass für Griechenland.” / And I say: “Freedom from debt for all EU.” / Und ich sage: “Schuldenfreiheit für die ganze EU.”
A new EU in a free Eurasian Union. / Eine neue EU im freien und geeinten Eurasien. / The turn to ethical-social-capitalism. / Die Wende zum ethisch-sozialen-Kapitalismus.
Real Value Work, Real Value Wages, / Real Value Banking all over the earth! / Echtwert Arbeit, Echtwert Löhne, / Echtwert Banking auf der ganzen Welt! / The Big Vision, I say, has place for all. / Die Große Vision, sage ich, hat Platz für alle.
The United States of Planet Earth are the Big Vision. / Die Vereinigten Staaten des Planeten Erde sind die Große Vision. / Listen to the true and want to be free! / Hört auf das Wahre und möchtet frei sein!
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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