Michel Montecrossa’s album ‘My Christmas World’ presents 10 New Christmas Songs for 2014 for humanity, freedom and happiness as Audio-CD, Bonus-DVD and Download

My Christmas World
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Michel Montecrossa’s album ‘My Christmas World’ presents 10 New Christmas Songs for 2014, released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD, Bonus-DVD and Download. ‘My Christmas World’ is a deeply real and heartfelt collection of New-Topical Christmas Songs by Michel Montecrossa celebrating the precious meaning of the saving birth of the divine light and love on earth. It is a sweet, triumphant, warm and tender Christmas that Michel Montecrossa gives with his great and uplifting inspirational songs. The ten tracks include the title song ‘My Christmas World’ with its great feeling of humanity, freedom and happiness. This song is followed by the legendary ‘Strong Is My Christmas Dream’ with its prayer of love for all the nations on earth. The third song is dedicated to the mother of Jesus and is titled ‘Welcome Song’. ‘Here Are All The Answers’ is a New-Topical-Christmas-Song for all humanity and the whole wide world looking forward to the United States of Planet Earth. ‘Punk Kid #2’, ‘Name Of The Game’, ‘Life’s Hopeful Prime‘ and ‘Who Is The Future?’ are Christmas Songs for the young on the way to their future giving the encouragement to follow love, the good and the beautiful. ‘Love & Peace Forever’ and ‘Love Is The Savior!’ are the concluding songs expressing Michel Montecrossa’s Christmas wishes of love and peace for all.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The album ‘MY CHRISTMAS WORLD’ presents 10 New Christmas Songs of love, adoration and thankfulness for the great harmony that comes with the birth of the divine on earth.”

The songs:

  1. My Christmas World
  2. Strong Is My Christmas Dream
  3. Welcome Song
  4. Here Are All The Answers
  5. Punk Kid #2
  6. Name Of The Game
  7. Life’s Hopeful Prime
  8. Who Is The Future?
  9. Love & Peace Forever
  10. Love Is The Savior!
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