Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Love, Peace & Happiness Climate Change’ complete concert series at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2015 in Mirapuri, Italy released as two Boxes-Set with twelve Audio-CDs, DVDs and as Download featuring all 172 festival songs of Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali together with their band The Chosen Few

Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2015 in Mirapuri, Italy
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Michel Montecrossa’s powerful ‘Love, Peace & Happiness Climate Change’ complete concert series at the legendary Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2015 in Mirapuri, Italy, is released by Mira Sound Germany as two Boxes-Set with twelve Audio-CDs, DVDs and as Download featuring all 172 festival songs of Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali together with their band The Chosen Few. The two Boxes-Set presents a voluptuous and exciting variety of original music ranging from acoustic and electric New Topical Songs to mind-blowing Cyberrock and Dancedrive Hits with a healthy dose of Dreamspace Electronica, Orgastica-DJ and DJ Party-D performances as well as great Bob Dylan songs. The 172 festival songs include intensity-driven and deeply-heartfelt ‘Love, Peace & Happiness Climate Change’ songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali like ‘Festival Of Love, Peace And Happiness’, ‘Mit Dir Und Der Welt – With You and The World’, ‘Der Montecrossa Highway’, ‘The Heart Of A Hero’, ‘Sexy Lovin’ Party Groove’, ‘Dancedrive: I Like It!’, ‘Met You In The Paradise – Mir Dir Bin Ich Im Paradies – Con Te In Paradiso’, ‘Orgastica-DJ-Dream’, ‘Vikingfest’, ‘We Play The Shit We Like – We Play The Shit We Love’, ‘What You Wanna Do, Do It Now!’ and Bob Dylan songs like ‘Beyond Here Lies Nothin’’, ‘This Dream Of You’ and ‘4th Time Around’.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“To the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2015 in Mirapuri I bring together with my band The Chosen Few during 10 festival days all our stunning new music for every step of the way. We are happy to meet you all for an exciting happening of Peace, Love and Freedom. See You!”

For more see: www.SpiritofWoodstockFest.com and www.Michel-BobDylan.com

See here the complete list of all 172 songs performed by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2015 in Mirapuri.

The Songs, Disc 1:

  1. Festival Of Love, Peace And Happiness
  2. Love, Stars And Children
  3. Victory Mood Of Love
  4. Sunlight
  5. Mit Dir Und Der Welt – With You And The World
  6. Who Is There
  7. Happy Action – Frohes Tun
  8. Planet Of Love
  9. Wellness With You & Me – Wellness Mir Dir & Mir
  10. Soul Reflection
  11. Joy & Future #2
  12. The Power That Unites
  13. Große Liebe – Großer Frieden! Big Love – Big Peace!
  14. Love Without End

The Songs, Disc 2:

  1. Be A New World Builder – Sei Eine Neue Welt Erbauerin
  2. The Heart Of A Hero
  3. Der Montecrossa Highway
  4. Strong Heart
  5. Die Ewigkeit Ist Zu Kurz Im Mondlicht Nackt – Eternity Is Too Short In Moonlight Naked
  6. Beyond The Horizon
  7. After The Night: The Beautiful Garden Of Love, Peace And Happiness
  8. Love For Everybody
  9. Push It! The World Is What It Is!
  10. Back On Stage, Back On Earth
  11. Give The Planet Energy Of Life – Donate Al Pianeta Energia Della Vita
  12. Stand For Love
  13. Clarity
  14. Lebensgeschichte – Story Of Life

The Songs, Disc 3:

  1. The Song Of Easy Lovin’
  2. Talking 2015 – Talking EU, Eurasia, USA
  3. End All Your Wars
  4. Love, Peace And Happiness – Liebe, Frieden Und Glücklichsein
  5. Küss Mich Noch Einmal
  6. Auf Der Autobahn Des Lebens – On The Highway Of Life
  7. Love Lives Forever
  8. Gutes Mädchen, Böses Mädchen: Es Ist Doch Ganz Egal!
  9. Amore Cosmico
  10. Sinnlich Mit Dir – Sensual With You
  11. Destination Love
  12. Alles Kann Sich Ändern – Everything Can Change
  13. Zärtlicher Kuss
  14. Schmusen & Lachen – Huggin’ & Kissin’
  15. We All Are Dreaming
  16. Liebesbefreiung – Loveliberation #2

The Songs, Disc 4:

  1. Intro
  2. Ich Bin Der Typ – I’m The One
  3. Große Party – Big Party
  4. Mondkuss Lust – Moonkiss Passion
  5. Orgastische Kraft
  6. Liebeszauber – Lovemagic
  7. Looking Into The Sky
  8. Free Love & Sweetness – Liebe Frei & Herzlichkeit
  9. Scientific Trance
  10. Dancedrive: I Like It!
  11. Sexy Lovin’ Party Groove
  12. Cybergeneration
  13. Wideness, Freedom, Bliss
  14. Met You In The Paradise – Mit Dir Bin Ich Im Paradies – Con Te In Paradiso
  15. I’m All Right When She Tries
  16. T-180

The Songs, Disc 5:

  1. Sweet Lovefest
  2. New Earth, New Sky
  3. Wonderworld Of Love & Sweetness
  4. Soul Alive
  5. Fusion World Of Love & Sweetness
  6. Cyberecstasy
  7. 2015 Girl
  8. Keep Your Dreams Alive
  9. Cruisin’
  10. Angels In The Night
  11. Love & Sweetness Song
  12. A Life In Love
  13. Please Be My Hero!
  14. Liebe & Herzlichkeits Kraft – Love & Sweetness Power

The Songs, Disc 6:

  1. Intro
  2. I’m A-Feelin’ Super Love World Action
  3. Ein Traum Für Die Liebe
  4. It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be
  5. The Kiss
  6. My Dance Of Happy Laughing Love World Action
  7. Starbringing Heroes
  8. Come On Baby! It’s The Bright Earth Dance!
  9. Listen To The Future
  10. Future Love World Action Laughing
  11. Evolving Liebeszauber Orgastica-DJ
  12. Moving Energy Techno-DJ

The Songs, Disc 7:

  1. My Highlife Topical Are You, My Love!
  2. Cosmic World Dance
  3. Into Your Topical Love World Eyes
  4. What You Want
  5. Dreamspace Reality Call
  6. Heavenly Experience
  7. My Electronica Love World Action
  8. Love Liberates
  9. Talking Laughing Love World Action
  10. Glory
  11. I’m Speeding With Laughing Love World Action
  12. Sunship
  13. Space Age Orgastica-DJ

The Songs, Disc 8:

  1. Freak Out
  2. Heroes Are Great
  3. Gaia Trance
  4. Future Dance
  5. Cybermoon #2
  6. Happiness Of Love
  7. Name Of The Game
  8. Love’s Freedom
  9. Deep Space Baby
  10. Orgastica-DJ-Dream
  11. Star Island

The Songs, Disc 9:

  1. We Play The Shit We Like – We Play The Shit We Love
  2. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
  3. This Dream Of You
  4. 4th Time Around
  5. What You Wanna Do, Do It Now!
  6. I’m Lonesome Too
  7. God Is A Girl #2
  8. Silent Weekend
  9. She’s The Great Morning, The Wonderful Day
  10. I’m Your Teenage Prayer
  11. Teen
  12. 900 Miles From My Home
  13. I’m A Fool To Want You

The Songs, Disc 10:

  1. Cyberrocker Ballad
  2. Exactly Like You
  3. Go All The Way
  4. I’m 16 & U Can Play With Me From 3 To 6 P.M.
  5. Peace Is Good For Love
  6. Tender Movement
  7. Bouncin’
  8. Love To See, Love To Feel
  9. Fire On The Water
  10. Summer In Your Heart
  11. Handed Down By Jesus
  12. Beauty From The Heart
  13. We Are The Others
  14. There Is Freedom
  15. The Wind And The Sea
  16. Changing Power
  17. Girly Hip Hip
  18. Electro Baby

The Songs, Disc 11:

  1. This World Is My World #2
  2. Yes Or No Blues
  3. No Sugar
  4. Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU – Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden
  5. Talking Future U.S.A. – Über Die Zukunfts U.S.A. Reden
  6. People Wake Up!
  7. The Place Of The Free
  8. Viking Summer
  9. Guardian Of The Bright Earth
  10. Glory Of The Inner Ring
  11. Heroes Of Earth
  12. Viking Blood
  13. Future Power
  14. Rescue Mission
  15. Neues Ziel – Meine Liebe Und Herzlichkeit Welt

The Songs, Disc 12:

  1. Vikingbride
  2. Heroglory
  3. Vikingfest
  4. Viking Wedding
  5. Viking Girl
  6. Viking Spirit
  7. Cyberodin And The Angel Of The Sword
  8. Heroes Of The Bright Earth
  9. Cyberviking & Oriental Girl
  10. The Power Of Odin
  11. Cyberodin & The Golden Age
  12. Freedom
  13. Cybermet
  14. Great Victory Call
  15. Let’s Work With Love & Sweetness Song
  16. Odin’s Daughter
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