Change Your Consciousness – Michel Montecrossa’s New Year Meditation Music 2010

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Michel Montecrossa’s uplifting New Year Meditation Music 2010 with the title ‘Change Your Consciousness’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD with 6 instrumentals and a message by Mira Alfassa is a homage to the famous musician-artist and consciousness liberation fighter Mira Alfassa – The Mother. Michel Montecrossa’s New Year Meditation Music ‘Change Your Consciousness’ is inspired by an opening tune played by Mira Alfassa and her New Year Message.

The Instrumentals:

  1. The Mother’s Organ Theme: Call From Far Away
  2. The Mother’s Message: Change Your Consciousness
  3. Overture: The Mother’s Love And Consciousness
  4. Towards The Light
  5. Saviour Love
  6. Soul Of Change
  7. Finale: Call Of The Supramental Truth Consciousness
Change Your Consciousness - Michel Montecrossa