The Love & Sweetness Symphony – Michel Montecrossa’s New Year Music 2014

The Love & Sweetness Symphony - New Year Music 2014
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Michel Montecrossa’s inspiring New Year Meditation Music 2014 with the title ‘The Love & Sweetness Symphony’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD is a homage to the famous musician-artist and consciousness liberation fighter Mira Alfassa – The Mother.
The Love & Sweetness Symphony presents 7 symphonic music instrumentals by Michel Montecrossa and Mira Alfassa combined with 6 messages and recitations by Mira Alfassa.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“‘The Love & Sweetness Symphony’ is a music and message meditation for consciousness growth, evolving from The Mother’s Love & Sweetness New Year Message.”

The Mother’s New Year Message 2014:
“Thy embrace which rends the living knot of pain,
Thy joy, O Lord, in which all creatures breathe,
Thy magic flowing waters of deep love,
Thy sweetness give to me for earth and men.”
Recitation by Mira Alfassa from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, Book XI,
The Book of Everlasting Day

Additional Messages and Recitations:
If the human heart responded in all sincerity to the Love that is being poured into it with the spontaneous gratitude of a love which understands and appreciates, then things would change quickly in the world.
Mira Alfassa

For, in truth, in this world hatred is not appeased by hatred; hatred is appeased by love alone.
This is the eternal law.
Recitation by Mira Alfassa from the Dhammapada

The will must never falter, the effort must be persevering and the faith unshakable. Then instead of spending years to realize what one has to realize, one can do it in a few months, sometimes even in a few days and, if there is sufficient intensity, in a few hours. That is to say, you can take a position within yourself and no bad will that attacks the realization will have any more power over you than the storm has over a rock.
After that, the way is no longer difficult; it becomes extraordinarily interesting.
Mira Alfassa

It is faith in one’s own possibilities, the certitude that whatever the difficulties, whatever the obstacles, whatever the imperfections, even the negations in the being, one is born for the realization and one will realize.
Mira Alfassa

At the head she stands of birth and toil and fate,
In their slow round the cycles turn to her call;
Alone her hands can change Time’s dragon base.
Hers is the mystery the Night conceals;
The spirit’s alchemist energy is hers;
She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.
The luminous heart of the Unknown is she,
A power of silence in the depths of God;
She is the Force, the inevitable Word,
The magnet of our difficult ascent,
The Sun from which we kindle all our suns,
The Light that leans from the unrealized Vasts,
The joy that beckons from the impossible,
The Might of all that never yet came down.
Recitation by Mira Alfassa from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, Book III, The Book Of The Divine Mother

The tracks:

  1. Organtheme by Mira Alfassa – The Mother
  2. ‘Love And Sweetness’ New Year Message 2014 By The Mother
  3. ‘Love & Sweetness’ Overture
  4. Message By The Mother: ‘Love Responding To Love With Gratitude’
  5. 1st Movement: ‘Thy Embrace‘
  6. Recitation Of The Mother From The Dhammapada: ‘Love Alone Overcomes Hate’
  7. 2nd Movement: ‘Joy’ (Organmusic By The Mother)
  8. Message By The Mother: ‘Will, Drive And Faith’
  9. 3rd Movement: ‘Thy Joy’
  10. Message By The Mother: ‘Have Faith In Your Own Possibilities’
  11. 4th Movement: ‘Thy Deep Love’
  12. Recitation From Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Savitri’ By The Mother: ‘At The Head She Stands Of Birth And Toil And Fate’
  13. Finale: ‘Thy Sweetness’
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