Michel Montecrossa’s Metaverse Book ‘Song Lyrics #3’ presenting 980 Cyberrocker New-Topical Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics #3

Michel Montecrossa in his Book ‘Song Lyrics #3’ presents on 688 intensely consciousness expanding pages 980 highly stimulating English & English/German Song Lyrics:

  • 980 Original Michel Montecrossa Cyberrocker New-Topical Song Lyrics & Metaverse Cyberrock – Poetry – Image Power & Stream-Of-Consciousness Discography & Filmography.
  • Michel Montecrossa Song Lyrics are Metaverse Poetry for the future. Through them he discloses the innumerable mind-shaking stream-of-consciousness actions that come from the future.
  • Michel Montecrossa in his Song Lyrics articulates the world in a new, exciting and deeply moving way, liberating from soulless abstractions, breaking through the insensible surface of conformity, reanimating bold creative insight, intense sensuality and thrilling wisdom.
  • Michel Montecrossa is writing 21st century Cyberbeat poetry abundant with genius and most communicative expressiveness, satisfying every lover of forward looking, inspired and powerfully innovative poetry.

Paperback, 688 pages, presenting 980 English & English/German Song Lyrics including images, Discography & Filmography

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