Song Lyrics #1

Michel Montecrossa ‘Song Lyrics #1’ published by Mirapuri-Verlag, features 1144 thrilling song lyrics from Michel Montecrossa’s gorgeous treasure of stunning and limitless creativity. Including rare german and unreleased songs.

Michel Montecrossa: “My song lyrics are cyberbeat-poetry makin’ love with the good and the bad, the great and the small, the noble and the vulgar. They are surges from the ocean of consciousness through which I speed with the spaceship of my personality. They are near and far, within and without …”

Michel Montecrossa ‘Song Lyrics #1’ in addition to 1144 complete original song lyrics is presenting great picture events and the comprehensive discography of the 223 Audio-CDs, CD-Plus and 10 Movie-DVDs on which the songs are released.

Michel Montecrossa – cyberbeat poet, digitalartist, moviemaker and voice of rapidly changing times is the creator of cyberrock. It is the driving force of today and tomorrow. Cyberrock is music for the whole world: futuristic, committed, unique, close to the human condition.

Michel Montecrossa – world citizen and worldtraveller is 21st century’s most authentic, creative and communicative songwriter. The genius of his indomitable spirit is constantly active, looking into the face of things with the heart of an independent man.

674 pages with text and full color images.

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