’The Road Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert in the Omnidiet Music-Hall in Mirapuri on 1st May 2014

The Road Of Love & Sweetness Concert

1st May 2014
22:00 – 24:00
in the Omnidiet Music-Hall
Via Monte Falò 8
28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte
(Prov. di Novara), Italy
Phone: ++39-0322-999009

Michel Montecrossa says about ’The Road Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert:
“The Road Of Love & Sweetness Concert sings of the One Road wide enough to lead us all to the best goal of the world: to world unity and the living celebration of humanity born from the love and sweetness of our soul.“

Michel Montecrossa together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and The Chosen Few plays the ’The Road Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert on 1st May 2014 from 22:00 – 24:00 in the Omnidiet Music-Hall.
The concert presents brand-new acoustic topical as well as electric dance and cyberrock songs with heartfelt and down to earth freedom drive for a good being together, singing and dancing and feasting.
Before the concert you can see the INTENSITY Exhibition of the latest Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings in the Mirapuri New Art Gallery of the Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel. The INTENSITY Exhibition presents top actual masterpieces of deeply touching impact, profundity, insight and vision created by the genius of Michel Montecrossa, one of the most outstanding 21st century modern universal artists.