Artist of Peace, Power, Love & Happiness: Interview with Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa is a great 21st-century New-Topical-Song writer, musician, and composer who has created more than 2500 songs and modern-classical symphonies and also is the author of many fiction, philosophy and poetry books as well as producer and director-actor of futuristic Cybermovies. Michel Montecrossa furthermore works as a revolutionary artist presenting a continuous flow of paintings and drawings which can be seen in permanent exhibitions in Germany as well as in Italy. As an active humanitarian consciousness researcher, he has founded Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy as an open-ended experiment for human evolution.

Michel’s booking representative David Butterfield contacted me and suggested Michel for an interview. Michel took time out of his busy schedule to do a quick interview with Culture Fancier.

1. You have a very diverse artistic background that includes songwriting, composing, painting, writing, and moviemaking. Is there one medium that you prefer or think that you excel at over the others?
They all interact on an equal basis to evolve the consciousness.

2. Do you think it’s necessary to have a formal education in order to be an artist?
Formal education can be helpful for artwork but is not fundamentally necessary to be an artist.

3. Your work focuses on positive themes like the joy of life, love, and peace. Why is that important to you?
Joy of life, love and peace are nearest to the Creative Origin of all and are the first and foremost manifestations of this origin. Without them, no art can come into existence.

4. Who or what inspires you?
The Creative Origin.

5. What is your typical day like?
Every day is a typical day for itself so every day is something new and unprecedented.

6. On average, how long does it take you to complete an art piece, for example, a painting or writing a song?
Any time from one hour to eleven days.

7. You’ve been very prolific in your art career. Are there any dream projects that you would still like to work on?
To go on building Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy

8. What has been the highlight of your career as an artist so far?
Waking up to the Great Consciousness.

9. Do you have any advice for emerging or aspiring artists?
Stay true to yourself.

10. What’s next for you?
To answer with always more love to the immensity of love given by the Creative Origin.

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Interview by Glodeane Brown