MICHEL MONTECROSSA AND HIS MUSIC FOR 2015 An interview with Michel Montecrossa by Gianni Mongrandi (Verbano News)

Gianni Mongrandi: What is music for you and what are your music plans for the new year?
Michel Montecrossa: Music for me is the expression of the way of love, peace and happiness. They are my music plan for the new year.

Gianni Mongrandi: Do you like this world? And if you had the possibility to change it, what would be the thing you’d change first?
Michel Montecrossa: I love the world and my first and foremost commitment is to help achieve the building of the United States of Planet Earth.”

Gianni Mongrandi: ‘Peace’ always seems to be the word unknown. How is it possible to activate – from your point of view – the mutual consent of all governments of the Earth to lay down their weapons and to no longer kill each other?
Michel Montecrossa: If all governments make the United States of Planet Earth their common goal, the weapons will be laid down and constructive collaboration in peace and unity will gain the upper hand.”

Gianni Mongrandi: What could you say to make the world understand that what people need is something to eat and not lead made into bullets?
Michel Montecrossa: Love brings peace assuring food, water, empathy and future for all. So let us all give ourselves to love.”

Gianni Mongrandi: How do you feel with yourself?
Michel Montecrossa: Happy and full of hope.”

Gianni Mongrandi: Do you sing, write and perform to make money or because you see all this simply as the thing you should do?
Michel Montecrossa: I sing, write and perform to give joy of love, peace and happiness. This is my aim.”

Gianni Mongrandi: You live since a long time in Italy. Do you think that this country will succeed in overcoming the difficulties it confronts these days?
Michel Montecrossa: Italy like any other country should work for the building of the United States of Planet Earth. Then all these problems would be solved.”

Gianni Mongrandi: Your songs also convey a message of love and peace?
Michel Montecrossa: All my songs are various ways to express the message of love and peace.”

Gianni Mongrandi: What are you better at: writing poems, composing songs or creating paintings?
Michel Montecrossa: Poetry, music and painting are for me three equally important streams of expression and I am equally successful in all of them.”

Gianni Mongrandi: What would be the moment – assuming it would ever arrive – we were to proclaim that evil has triumphed over good?
Michel Montecrossa: Love is the Good. All comes from love, it is to love that all will lead. Consequently the evil will never win.”

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