Singen für Liebe und Frieden

Starnberger Merkur - 18.9.2015

The artist Michel Montecrossa aims to improve the world with his music and paintings

Improving the world – isn’t this the goal of all of us? That is what Michel Montecrossa from Gauting is aiming at. He paints, makes movies, and creates songs that he hopes will touch people in a positive way. “This is something that we all need, especially now in these times of the refugee crisis.” Tonight he presents his new album with the title ‘Ich Bin Der Typ / I’m The One’ at the Garage Deluxe in Munich. Tomorrow and on Sunday, 20th September he will play concerts at his location ‘Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner’ at the Danziger Str. 1 in Gauting. All who want to rock out after visiting the Oktoberfest on Saturday are welcome, the concert starts at 10 pm. The Concert on Sunday will begin at 8 pm.
Michel Montecrossa has an eye-catching look: long hair, red beard, Cowboy Hat, leather outfit. Michel Montecrossa definitely defies categorization. Beaming with energy he invented the music style of ‘Cyber-Schlager’. “A completely new music genre”, states his manager Suzie Peuker. Listening to this music style the Cyberschlager Songs could be described as Typical Songwriter songs with lots of guitars combined with electronic beats: a mix of catchy tunes, good for easy-listening. A prominent feature of this new album are the bilingual songs, half part in German, the other in English – ‘.. a quality that is quite useful in the international context as for example for students of German lessons in countries like China’, states Michel Montecrossa who counts on a great fanbase in the internet as he relates. ‘I want to get across this German kind of life-experience and feeling as something positive.’ It has nothing to do with Kitsch. ‘When I’m able to create real positive feelings with my music, then everybody can profit from it.’ It’s a way to achieve peace and love for the whole world. Michel Montecrossa lives in Gauting as well as in Italy, in the Northern part of the Lake Maggiore region. He’s also active as multimedia service provider and concert manager.