‘Evolver Cool – 29 New-Topical-Songs & Movies’ on Audio CD and DVD for awareness stimulation in times of crisis

‘Evolver Cool – 29 New-Topical-Songs & Movies’: released by Mira Sound Germany on Double Audio CD and DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s inimitable way of kicking the brain to think more deeply about what is happening. Bursting with life every song hits a hot spot topical with straight forward Evolver Dynamics and clear-sighted solutions.

Michel Montecrossa about the 29 ‘Evolver Cool’ songs & movies:
“EVOLVER COOL is awareness stimulation beyond gorillas & bananas in times of crisis. Evolve your consciousness! Is the message of these 29 New-Topical-Songs celebrating independent thinking and telling of what it really means to run
something. Action is needed for a better world. Let Love and Unity be our way.”

The 29 ‘Evolver Cool’ topical songs & movies are:

  1. Shall We Go To War Again?
  2. A Song
  3. Russia And America Rock
  4. Talking Banking Solution (The Evolver Song)
  5. Talking Sanctions (On Iranian Oil Import)
  6. Talkin’ Piraten Marina Weisband
  7. Intensivstörung
  8. Talking European Crisis (Bankas And Politos Fight The Big War)
  9. Let’s Be Together And Care For Love
  10. Talking Germany, France And Europe
  11. Talking Selfish David From England (Is It David Cameron?)
  12. Talking Anna Hazare
  13. Talking Young Russia’s Aljona Arschinowa
  14. Global Message
  15. Talkin’ India (From Corruption To Ecology There’s Another Side To Everything)
  16. Deutschland Ist Grün Für Die Zukunft Von Europa
  17. Secrets Of The Green World
  18. Talkin’ World Awakening
  19. A Journalist’s Song
  20. Die Vereinigten Staaten Des Planeten Erde
  21. American Crossroads
  22. Prayin’ For Amy
  23. Beauty And Love Are Another Song
  24. Sunray Revolution
  25. Another World
  26. It’s The Ball
  27. Sahra Wagenknecht Hat Recht
  28. Love Is Sweet, Love Is Cool
  29. Natural Queen

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