Michel Montecrossa’s speech ‘Happy Future and Climate Change’

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Happy Future and Climate Change’ speech for the Mirapuri World Peace Festival and song ‘Love and Listen’

“If you look at the world from an external point of view the promise of a happy future seems to be a vain promise in the face of all the questions of climate change on earth but is  only a seeming; in reality if you look deeper into these questions of future and climate change you will see that we are living at an exceptionally promising and hopeful moment in the history of mankind. It is a crossroad and in the crossroad situation we always face great and powerful impulses for progress. It is an inrush of the new into our present scheme of awareness and frame of consciousness…”
– Michel Montecrossa in his ‘Happy Future and Climate Change’ speech.

Love and listen
This ain’t good. / The inner lecture of the idiotic mind. / Are you intelligent enough to blow your mind? / Police and protesters are all in the prison. / Government laws are as good as poison.
This ain’t good. / The family of nations without major change. / Disasters used for political games. / On the Mexican border a new world is emergin’. / No blazing heat can stop big talkin’.
This is good. / Will you must have and a goal, / hope you must have and a soul, / endurance always makes you stronger / and vision always makes you younger.
This is good. / You can survive if you want to live. / Love is joy and power to give. / Healthy you are if you do the good. / To choose the right will strengthen the root.
This you should do: / End the lecture of your idiotic mind / be sweet and true, knowing and kind. / The future is wide and it ain‘t no prison. / The future is free if you love and listen.

– Michel Montecrossa