The House of Time Metaverse Movie Celebration 2022

Invitation to 6 hours of METAVERSE brainstorm cinema

Michel Montecrossa invites you to the METAVERSE MOVIE CELEBRATION of ‘The House Of Time’ Courage & Love Climate Change Musical in English language featuring the Metaverse Virtuality and Organicality Fusion World of today and tomorrow in progress.

Screening EVERY MONTH on first Saturday • 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. • Filmaur Multimedia House • Munich-Gauting, Danziger Str. 1 • Germany • Phone: ++49-89-850 8555

‘The House of Time’ is Michel Montecrossa’s powerful Metaverse Stream of Consciousness Movie presenting in three parts the reality of a totally new experience that changes the world from within:
Part One ‘Every Moment’ • Part Two ‘Every Day Is The Day’ • Part Three ‘Courage Ride’.
‘The House Of Time’ with its stunning energy of Metaverse CG and Real Life Movie, Music and Futurist-Poetic Expression is screened as monthly stream of consciousness movie celebration at the Filmaur Multimedia House in Munich-Gauting every month on first Saturday.
The show begins at 4 p.m. going on for 6 brainstorming-hours til 10 p.m. screening all three parts of ‘The House Of Time’ Metaverse Climate Change Musical.
The main actors Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali together with the Filmaur production team and Michel Montecrossa’s as well as Mirakali’s manager Usha Voss will be present.
Michel Montecrossa who is also the movie director as well as creator of ‘The House Of Time’ soundtrack and the author of the script will answer all questions about this monumental Metaverse Movie along with Mirakali who in addition to being main actor is the director of the outstanding computer-animation-work.
Enjoy ‘The House Of Time’ as the METAVERSE MOVIE CELEBRATION of Michel Montecrossa’s Superhighway Trip into a new higher intelligence dimension of Metaverse Experience Cinema and consciousness expanding Movie Art.

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘The House Of Time’ Metaverse Courage & Love Climate Change Musical:
“‘The House Of Time’ Metaverse Courage & Love Climate Change Musical begins where the movies of the surrealists and the psychedelic underground art-movies like Jean Cocteau’s mystic-poetic ‘Orphée’ and Bob Dylan’s romantic free-mind music movie ‘Renaldo & Clara’ or Frank Herbert’s Science Fiction Saga ‘Dune’ as well as Adam McKay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ and many other nonconformist futurist movies end.
‘The House Of Time’ speaks the new Metaverse language of the fusion of real life and computer generated movie-art. It is a Full-Stream of Consciousness gamer-style movie, expanding awareness beyond mainstream by combining stimulating image power, intelligent dialogues, great Cyberrock, New-Topical Songs, thrilling written messages and 3D Animation Art-Work.
‘The House Of Time’ is a monumental Metaverse science-fiction movie in three parts going beyond orthodox borders of movie-making, telling the multidimensional Metaverse Story of the fusion of Organicality and Virtuality through a new life-style and a new consciousness that are evolving out of digitalization, space age tourism, changing of the climate change, Metaverse explorations and the discovery of a new meaning of love and tender care for the Future World.
‘The House Of Time’ thus is a braincells-enhancing Experience Movie disclosing with its 6 hours screening time an unforgettable and transforming insight into the world of tomorrow’s AR & VR combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It’s a Laughing Chaos that in Reality is a New Harmony that makes the story always go on. The Metaverse Movie Celebration is all about infinite Consciousness Expansion.
‘The House Of Time’ shows the Virtual Body and the Virtual World as pure conditions of conscious energy within the thinking brain that grows always more into an independent world with independent energy-beings who can appear in forms coming from all sources of awareness to reflect themselves on matter.
Welcome to the Metaverse Movie Celebration!”

For the PDF of the House of Time Metaverse Movie Celebration Booklet click here