Top Topical Part Three – Michel Montecrossa’s 18 New-Topical-Songs & Movies on DVD and Audio-CD from Love and Sweetness to Gitmo

Top Topical, Part Three

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Top Topical’ Song & Movie Collection Part Three:
“The ‘Top Topical’ Song and Movie Collections continues my heart’s blood call for action through New-Topical-Songs from Love and Sweetness to Gitmo. They are stimulating educational songs transporting the values of the true, the right and the vast. They stand for high ethics and bring it to the streets. They stand for the living celebration of humanity and the life of happy generations embraced by the warmth of love on a united earth. They stand for safe homes where mothers and fathers together with their children of hope can live and look towards a prosperous future of peace, progress and fulfillment.”

The 18 songs include masterpieces like ‘Ballad of Love and Sweetness’, ‘Talking Poverty Migrants & Extreme Poverty Rising’ and ‘Talking Climate Change In Daily Life’.

Preview Top Topical Part Three – Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Songs & Movie Collection:

Top Topical Part Three – The Songs:

  1. Ballad Of Love And Sweetness
  2. Talking Poverty Migrants & Extreme Poverty Rising
  3. Talking Climate Change In Daily Life
  4. Talking U.S. Deep Freeze
  5. Talking New German Government
  6. Talking Nelson Mandela
  7. Talking Ukraine, E.U., Russia, China And U.S.A.
  8. What Can We Do To Change The Climate Change?
  9. Talking U.S. Surveillance Scandal
  10. Love World Action Saves
  11. Talking Egypt In Crisis
  12. Talking Angel For Germany
  13. Dreamspace Reality Call
  14. When I Sing For You My New Song
  15. Talking Edward Snowden’s Next Move
  16. Talking European Croatia
  17. Call Of The Festival – The Days Of Love World Action
  18. Talking Gitmo – Close It!

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