Cyberhalloween Concert

Cyberhalloween Konzert

31st October 2015
22:00 – 1:00
at the ‘POINT’ Diskothek
Carl-Benz-Straße 13
82205 Gilching
Tel: 089-850 8555

Michel Montecrossa, the international Cyberschlager, Cyberrock, Orgastica / Techno-DJ and Cyberdance-Electronica Maestro invites you to his ‘Cyberhalloween’ Concert which he brings to the stage together with his ladies Mirakali (Orgastica-DJ), Diana Antara (Techno-DJ) and his band The Chosen Few on 31st October 2015, 22:00 – 1:00 in the ‘POINT’ Disco • Carl-Benz-Straße 13 • 82205 Gilching • (Phone: 089-850 8555).
Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Cyberhalloween’ Concert is the Top Monster Party in Town presenting ultra-sexy Cyberschlager, ultra-hot Cyberrock, ecstatic Cyberdance-Electronica plus mind-blowing Orgastica-DJ and Techno-DJ Power.

Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Cyberhalloween’ Konzert:
“The ‘Cyberhalloween’ Concert is Dance-Excitement pure, the Big Stream and Drive of strong music.”