The Maria Magdalena Symphony Concert & Love Without End Concert

The Maria Magdalena Symphony Concert & The Love Without End Concert

4th July 2015
20:00 – 23:00
in the Omnidiet Hall of Fame
Via Monte Falò 8
28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte
(Prov. di Novara), Italy
Phone: ++39-0322-999009

Michel Montecrossa about ‘The Maria Magdalena Symphony’ Concert:
“It is music of innerness and warmth in honor of Maria Magdalena and her love for Jesus.”

After ‘The Maria Magdalena Symphony’ Concert Michel Montecrossa together with his band The Chosen Few presents with the ‘Love Without End’ Concert his brand-new collection of Cyberrock and Cyberdance free-mind, free-heart songs together with the songs of Mirakali and Diana Antara.

Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Love Without End’ Concert:
“With the ‘Love Without End’ Concert myself, Mirakali and Diana Antara celebrate our enthusiastic and powerfully positive outlook on a future world of Love without end.”

In addition to the concerts Michel Montecrossa together with his friends presents inspiring lectures, movies and Peace-Art Exhibitions on the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2015 theme ‘Big Love For Big Peace – Große Liebe für Großen Frieden’.