Wide Horizon Climate Change Concert

Wide Horizon Concert

26th October 2019
21:00 – 23:00
in the Omnidiet Music-Hall
Via Monte Falò 8
28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte
(Prov. di Novara), Italy
Phone: ++39-0322-999009

‘Wide Horizon’ Climate Change Concert by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and The Chosen Few in the Omnidiet Music-Hall in Mirapuri on 26th October 2019 starting 21:00 till 23:00 featuring brand-new songs, poetry and instrumentals by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and The Chosen Few. The ‘Wide Horizon’ Climate Change Concert is part of the Mirapuri World Literature Fest 2019 which takes place from 25th till 27th October 2019.

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Wide Horizon’ Climate Change Concert:
“These are pilgrim songs addressed to the Spirit of Clarity and Light.”