Special News: Michel Montecrossa at the peace-event ‘Der Große Frieden’ in Auerstedt, Germany

Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa and his Lightsound Orchestra perform the ‘Maria Magdalena Symphony’ at the Friedenskirche St. Vitus, Dorfplatz 1, 99518 Auerstedt on Saturday 2nd May 2015, 20:00.
The concert is part of the three-days peace-event ‘Der Große Frieden’ (1st-3rd May 2015) organized by ‘Ourchild e.V. Kinderhilfswerk’.
For complete information see: http://der-grosse-frieden.org/programm-2015/
‘Der Große Frieden’ is a peace-event where Michel Montecrossa is participating with the ‘Maria Magdalena Symphony’ Concert, the lecture ‘Die Große Liebe und der Große Frieden’, a workshop introducing his New-Topical-Songs and the screening of a documentary on Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy and Miravillage, the first satellite of Mirapuri in Germany:
The organization ‘Ourchild e.V. Kinderhilfswerk’ from 1st – 3rd May 2015 presents at Schloss Auerstedt the peace-event ‘Der Große Frieden’ with the participation of Michel Montecrossa during two days: Together with his Lightsound Orchestra he is performing on Saturday 2nd May 2015, 20:00 at the Friedenskirche St. Vitus von Auerstedt his ‘Maria Magdalena Symphony’. On Sunday 3rd May 2015, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Michel Montecrossa is giving his lecture ‘Die Große Liebe und der Große Frieden’ at Schloss Auerstedt, as well as a workshop from 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. dedicated to ‘Der Große Frieden’ where he is presenting his latest New-Topical-Songs and the screening of a documentary on Mirapuri in Italy and its satellite Miravillage in Germany.
Recommended books by Michel Montecrossa: ‘Wege des Menschen’ and ‘Mirapuri And The New Consciousness’ both available from www.Mirapuri-Shop.de