‘We Are Singers Three’ Concert on Audio-CD and DVD dedicated to peace & love through music

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‘We Are Singers Three’ Concert released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD and DVD, presents 21 New-Topical-Evolver-Love-Songs by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara, dedicated to peace & love through music.
‘We Are Singers Three’ Concert is Michel Montecrossa’s third Concert of the Love & Unity Climate Change Concert Tour 2012 performed in the Omnidiet Music-Hall of Mirapuri, Italy, on 7th April 2012.
The 21 songs of the concert include the acoustic New-Topical-Songs ‘We Are Singers Three #2’, ‘Talkin’ World Awakening’, ‘Günter Grass Hat Recht: Weltkrieg Ist Schlecht’ as well as Cyberrock love & rebellion songs like ‘Cyberwarrior’, ‘Universal Whirlpool’, ‘Uncensored’ and ‘We Are The Others’.
Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute ‘With You In Heaven’ and ‘Young & Free’.

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘We Are Singers Three’ Concert:
“What we really want to do is to sing for everybody about how beautiful life can be and how good it is to live in an atmosphere of love and unity. That is what we do, we the singers: Mirakali and me.”

The Songs, Disc One (Click the song title to read the lyrics):

  1. We Are Singers Three #2 (Mirakali And Me)
  2. Talkin’ World Awakening
  3. Günter Grass Hat Recht: Weltkrieg Ist Schlecht
  4. The Happiness
  5. Someone Who Understands You
  6. Cyberwarrior
  7. Flyin’ Into Heaven’s Paradise
  8. Saturday Night Rock #2
  9. Where Heroes Are Needed
  10. Universal Whirlpool
  11. With You In Heaven

The Songs, Disc Two (Click the song title to read the lyrics):

  1. Uncensored
  2. Young & Free (Fire Of Youth)
  3. We Are The Others
  4. Never Stop To Fight For Your Dreams
  5. When I’m With You
  6. Wanted Girl
  7. Blue Star
  8. Orgasm City
  9. Cyberbeat
  10. Save The Climate