Someone Who Understands You (by Mirakali)

I see you with a smile in your eyes.
Your hair flowing free and vivid.
Your body strong and fiery
dancing to the beat of light.
Then you come to me with eyes
like burning suns and embrace me tender.

Silent we listen to our hearts
beating in the same rhythm of love
and it‘s clear
you are the one who understands me.
Together we dance
with bliss like fire of passion,
wild like a storm
with the tenderness only love can give.
And then we close our eyes.

You hold me tight
and in a moment of greatest happiness
you kiss me sweet
and we fly to the stars on our wave.
And we dance our flight
till we reach paradise.
You show me all you are
and all the worlds
of heavenly bliss.

I kiss you too and love you deep,
happy to be someone who understands you.
Sensual and sweet, erotic and wild
we are together like hero and bride.
Strong and juicy, a powerful team
driving towards the future like a mighty beam.
Happiness and bliss are at our side.
Freedom and love our wings on our flight
to a new world, a new paradise.

Heaven sings through our dancin‘ nights,
the stars know our dreams of light.
Two who are one.
And it‘s now in a sweet moment of understanding
when you hold me tight.
And I feel your strong beating heart
close to mine,
a burning fire of passion
beating like the heart of
someone who understands you.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany