Loveaction Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert

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‘Loveaction’ is Michel Montecrossa’s 34th Peace & Climate Change concert presenting new ways of looking at our world of global changes.
Released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD and double DVD the production presents 29 great Michel Montecrossa songs including the title song ‘Love Action’, the encouraging ‘Saving Message’, the swinging ‘Good To Be A Child’, the forward looking ‘Ecoworld & Cyberworld’, the thrilling ‘Electrifying Climate Girl’, the amazing ‘Viking Future’ and the revealing ‘True Politics’.
Mirakali contributes message songs like ‘Millions Of Stories’.

About ‘Loveaction’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Intelligence is perfect when it serves love. Civilization is beautiful when it expresses love. Man is at peace when satisfied by love. The earth is paradise when embraced by love. Loveaction is good action, is the greatest action.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Love Action
  2. Millions Of Stories
  3. Saving Message
  4. Love Is Our Life
  5. Good To Be A Child
  6. For A Smile
  7. Ecoworld & Cyberworld
  8. Futurespeed
  9. Cyberspace
  10. Bright Galaxy
  11. All That Future
  12. Majestic Nature
  13. Electrifying Climate Girl (Where Inner & Outer Meet)
  14. World Of The Heroes

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Viking Future (Love & Freedom)
  2. Victory Fire
  3. Heroes Of The Dawn
  4. Courageous Love
  5. Timebody Rockess
  6. Lovetime
  7. Yes, I Know You Want It
  8. Flying Dreams
  9. Mighty Change #2
  10. Glorious Power
  11. Singer In The World
  12. Did The Good Times Come?
  13. True Politics
  14. Unforeseen You
Loveaction Concert - Michel Montecrossa