Unforeseen You

Alone, all alone in the storm and rain,
all alone in a crowded hall.
The hall is gay and the storm it is strong
but my heart is not here at all.
It flies far away by night and by day
to the times and the joys that will come
for I never will forget the sweet maiden that I met
in the rain and storm with a face golden-warm.

It was not the grace of her queenly air,
nor her cheeks of the rose’s glow
nor her soft black eyes, nor her flowing hair
nor was it her lily-white brow.
’twas her soul of truth and sweetest love
and her smile of the mystery-call,
that stole my heart away on that sacred day
with the rain and storm, golden-warm.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany