Adventure Of Love (by Mirakali)

Adventure of love and you need no words.
Your heartbeat strong. Your fire burns bright.
You know our love is the victor.
There is our strength, our refuge, our home.

Even if nobody understands it,
we always will be the lovers of a New World,
adventurers of consciousness,
travelers in the world of bliss.

You stand there in the morning light.
The golden morning sun touches your nakedness.
I love you so much, so deep, so eternally, so free
and every moment with you is ecstasy.

You touch me so deep
as only the divine can do.
My heart belongs to you forever.
Forever I will be at your side.

Together we walk on the road towards light
and God walks at our side
and I feel His love.
I feel the dream, the kiss.

We walk there aside the trees.
Their branches reach the sky.
The birds sing with joyful melodies.

It’s spring. It’s our life.
We are here in Mirapuri
where we are at home.

At the Omnidiet Music-Hall
we sing and dance
and have a good time together.
Here we invite all to take part
in the Celebration of Human Unity.

We play our music for the whole world
and everyone can come,
all nations, races, colors, ethics, young and old.

Our music is our fest of love
and you can join our journey.

Be an adventurer of love and freedom, too.
Oneness and Love, Freedom and Peace
are our goal.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany