All Is Not Enough (The Citizen & Statesman Song)

Earthquakes, tsunamis, fire and storm:
How much more is needed to make us run?
All is not enough: Greed and terror is endless.
All the money, all the power, all the gold, all the slaves,
all resources, all control, all disasters, all the leaks.
Where are the true statesmen and citizens?

All is not enough in an archaic world
where you are punished for everything with death.
Spike in radiation, hardliners and the moderates.
People attacked and sectarian tension.
Disaster-lust for horror, killin’ torture, rape and death.
Leave the country. Apply strength of knowledge.

Youth unemployment and leads gone mad:
How much more is needed for the big crack?
All is not enough: Are service women needed
and female soldiers claimin’ abuse,
deaths and injuries during protests,
radioactive clouds and worldwide fall-out?

The food chain contaminated, afterquakes and condolences:
How much more is needed to make us independent
from death toll rising,
crackdowns on wisdom and generosity,
compassion and deep love
for the divine in all humanity?

Violence and killing they must stop.
How much more is needed to reach the top?
No more brutal laws and no end to mercy.
Self-determination of the free individual
in the free community of all humanity.
No more tyranny of states that cruelly mistreat
entire populations, creating human machines,
soul-suppressed, mutilated and cut into patterns.
Healthy growth of freedom is the future,
the unity of individuals growing freely into
the United States of Planet Earth.
Yes, after law and order, truth and liberty.
After ego and conflict, soul and harmony.
Full human development beyond dictators, slaughter and terror.
Liberty is the watchword of the race:
Liberty of human unity.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany