Angelo Augustus

From the wider orbit beyond the earth
he came and looked and saw
the destination and the hour
of his descent and his birth.

Through the silver-white blue he went
of the mind of light and sent
the impressions of his future brain
into the denser matter‘s scenes.

A subtle matter, fairy-like,
appeared beneath a beauty-sky.
A world with colors of intense delight
like a trance of autumn and spring combined.

There he paused, a vibrant sign,
near a place of wisdom, great and kind.
A house it was that whispered with fine
universal dreams of the blissgivin‘ wine.

From this place of immortal life
and glorious vastness of the cosmic mind
that sees and thinks the wonders of time
he moved on with the grace divine.

Then he was seated on a throne
like a Buddha and Child-Christ born
in love that shone with golden light
and the beauty-rays of might.
The power that came nearer now
was that of the Mother of all:
all-embracing, a gesture from the whole,
that brings to the eyes the deathless soul.

She appeared, the sovereign and the presence
and led him into his future home:
the body of a baby, a baby of the morn
and she smiled with infinite compassion.

Moments later I heard his voice
for the first time here on planet earth.
He was there, had come with peace,
the boon companion from truth‘s brightness space.

Angelo Augustus is his name.
The solidarity he is of heaven
with earth, the dynamic aim.
His charm is transforming, is the joyful game.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany