Astronaut (by David Butterfield)

When they build fences,
they build walls, they make
borders everywhere,
be aware, our Love and Freedom
you will never tear apart.
It’s the fences in our mind,
it’s the walls inside our heart
asking ‘When will come the day
to let the past be past?’

When we started, you and me,
it was clear, there was no doubt.
All the questions weren’t there,
all the anger, all the hate.
It is all so near, it is all so real
and keeps asking night and day
‘When will the wars come
to an end?’

Once the people had no name, knew
no word to call it all.
Some years later they proclaim
that they know what’s goin’ on.
And the question is as big
as the world of our days:
Human unity is fact,
every Astronaut will tell.

And I saw you in the crowd,
and I saw you in the street –
what I knew was only that
you’re no different to me.
All the stories without end
and one story never told
are the heartbeats I feel pounding
somewhere deep beneath the ground.

Lyrics & Music: David Butterfield administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany