At Times

At times the bluff is heavy.
It’s the way of the past,
the way of dark limits –
and I know, the soul is love.

At times confusion is there in person,
meaning nothing to the young in heart,
meaning nothing to the lovers of love –
and I know, the soul is hope.

At times life is there forever.
It’s the moment of clarity,
the moment for you and me –
and I know, the goal is infinity.

At times you are one with the Mother
of Things and Nature and Workings
and you are simply happy –
and I know, you are at home at last.

It’s when the bluff is over.
It’s the future way,
it’s freedom of free life –
and I know, I can make it!

At times it’s all the time.
It’s the movement perfect,
the stream of consciousness –
and I know that I am that.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany