Birth Of A Dream (by Mirakali)

A strong soul that stands like a hero
in the midst of the storm
and doesn’t give up even in darkest fight
and doesn’t lose contact
with the power high above and deep within:
Call it Love or Truth or Highest Consciousness,
call it God or Light or Greatest Good,
call it the Eternal, the One, the Divine –
it has the power to give birth to a dream.
There is a dream
that peace may reign in all humanity.

We build places
where people can learn
to work together,
learn to live in peace,
to help each other
and find a new reality
coming through love and heart,
friendship and compassion
that will end the isolation of the people
and will help to build bridges
between the nations,
so that they understand
how important it is
that we all meet and unite us
in a global human family.

There’s another dream, the dream of love.
Everybody needs it,
everyone wants it,
so let’s begin.

It’s so simple to realize.
The more we are ready to love
and ready to give up our ego
the more we will be together
and meet on a higher level.
This is the moment
of the birth of a new dream.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany