No sex can lead to vision
or cross your borderline
if dreams ain’t there, living
within magic free and fine.

Playin’ it wild, a domina role:
no excuse there is for an unworthy soul.
The borderline is there,
beyond there is somethin’ you know.

Chaos has no middle,
the middle that is your soul.
Strange, but true: I see you,
with you there’s no control.

No sex can give an answer
crossin’ the borderline.
A dream is living only
with your magic free and fine.

Fine air of understanding
in a room of pain is rare,
this room that’s like a prison
with faces of cold glare.

No sex can give the answer
erasing borderlines.
The dream alone is the answer,
the magic true and kind …

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany