Brutal And Proud Of It

Turn away from brutality, there’s nothin’ there to be proud of.
The wind is howlin’ in an empty glass.
I see the deadly outbreak and right by its side
there are new bailouts and the right to die.
Brutal and proud of it, brutal you are!

Shake off your brutality, there’s nothin’ there to find.
There’s only extremism and fear that makes you blind.
Fanatical ideas will kill all your human rights.
Children are sold into sex trade by their parents.
Brutal and proud of it, brutal you are!

Drop your brutality, that’s what you must do.
Change for the better hovers over you.
Democracy is good for avoiding tyrants.
We all together must secure human rights.
Brutal and proud of it ain’t no starter!

Brutality is fed by disappointing job reports.
Systematic rape, detention and torture to death
are no proud answers for the youth population.
Human rights mean more than the right to die.
Human energies must be saved and enhanced!

The world of love is the healing power.
Love can heal the wounds of today.
The core of love’s power are sound relations.
Love shared by all is the Future World we need.
Love spreading into all we are and do!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany