Careless Like A Child (by Mirakali)

Careless like a child I love you.
I embrace you with the dreams
of a New World on our planet,
of peace for all humanity,
of a green paradise.

I kiss you with the certitude
that all our beautiful dreams
will become reality … tomorrow.

And now we fight.
We are on the battlefield.
Blood drops from our arms.
It‘s the time beyond tears.

But in my heart
I‘m careless like a child.
I have never lost the dreams
of a glorious world
that will come,
that tomorrow will be better than now,
that the future brings happiness and peace,
the end of wars,
the end of enemies.

Careless like a child I love you.
I hold you in my arms.
Nobody sees our tears in the rain.

But tomorrow will be a better place,
tomorrow will be
beautiful and free,
free from coldness and pain,
free in a glorious New World
where we can be
careless like a child.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany