Caressing Her Love & Freedom

Love & Freedom emotions see me on her bed.
She’s explorin’ her firm body,
has an achin’ pussy and divine back.
I whisper and she responds.

We are all over each other.
Strong are Love & Freedom.
“Yes”, she moans and tenses up.
Lickin’ moves slowly into kissin’.

Hers is a sense for the hard and fast,
the beat of cateyes and sack hunters
and violence with another girl.
Love rituals with her feel tender.

Love & Freedom emotions
drown me in her bed,
make me explore her firm body,
her sweet pussy and divine back.
I kiss her soft and make her wet.

We are all over each other.
There are strong moves.
“Yes”, she moans and opens up.
Her love muscles smile with freedom.

Her heart storming with power emotions
gives the light of a satisfied woman.
My tenderness is there for her
caressing her Love and Freedom.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany