Catch The Rhythm

Catch the rhythm, do it strong.
Catch the rhythm, do it young.
Catch the rhythm, just go on.
Catch the rhythm, be reborn.

In another time: another life.
I see in your eyes: you give it a try.
Just make me happy: no need to lie.
With another vision you can smile.

Mindexplosion and the way up.
Another species, don’t give up.
Just keep lovin’, it’s a good start.
God almighty and the warmth of your heart.

Catch the rhythm, let the fire burn.
Catch the rhythm in another land.
Catch the rhythm in the sunborn man.
Catch the rhythm, learn, understand.

Invisible doesn’t mean you don’t see.
You can see me anytime you feel
the rhythm and the fire of tomorrow’s light.
I ain’t the one who runs and hides.

Gorgeous bodies, universal flair.
Galactic oceans if you dare.
Never mind the limits, they will always bend.
I’m a-there forever, there’s no end.

Catch the rhythm, never think you know.
Catch the rhythm, make it overflow.
Catch the rhythm, some things are really wild.
Catch the rhythm, in my arms you are the bride.

Some of them planets they really make me laugh.
I never knew my uncle up there on Mars.
But I can change the species, see from where I come.
I know all the moments, I’m goin’ to turn you on.

Take it up in peace and live the true release.
I really dig the water of the ocean deep.
A million creatures there know the right belief.
It’s all right, honey, it’s always the real.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany