Children's Glory, The Fountain of Youth

And one day, I tell you we all
will be released from education’s horror,
from the schoolmaster’s task of deforming
a soul and a body into patterns for functioning
within falsehood-society’s dirty game.

The endless train of wrong education,
one day it will be stopped for sure
and children’s glory then never again
will be tortured and killed for the sake
of an old world, empty and vain.

Then new beings will emerge from our youth,
beings of light, of strength of truth,
conscious of soul and free in their thinking,
unchained in life and body-expression:
Children’s glory will come and will stay!

They are there already, I tell you friends,
born on islands of light and we will see
the dawn of a world where children are free
and their genius is the blossom of the golden rose:
Children’s glory, the fountain of youth.
Children’s glory, the fountain of truth.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany