Cool Girl (by Mirakali)

Cool girl standing at the door,
looking with dreams in your eyes,
sparkling is the wonder of a young life.
Untold stories and a sweet kiss
of soft and warm lips
whispering of hope mighty like a sea,
whispering of desire and unforgotten dreams
that look for life and your young reality.

Yes, you are young and full of power,
want to move the world,
want the shower of a blissful rain
on naked skin touching your sensuality
with heavenly emotions
and everything you want to reach
there in the sky
where you fly when you sleep,
or with open eyes fly with dreams
high into the light of the sky
where all your emotions fly with you.

Cool girl, move forward
with every step of sexy hips,
moving with the rhythm of a warm heart,
pounding soft and strong
with love, belonging to those
that know how to dream.

Cool girl standing at the door
open for all who want to move on
to see the world beyond imagination
that is reborn in every moment,
from breath to breath,
from heartbeat to heartbeat
like you and your destiny,
whispering of love and unforgotten dreams
fulfilling your life and your young reality.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany