Cool Man, Hot Girl (by Mirakali)

Strong and ardent mastering ourselves.
Heroes conquering all with joy.
Show your beauty and strength,
enthusiastic peace with power to protect.

Cool man, one with your hot girl.
Tender her hands dissolving all pain.
Warm the kiss of her soft lips
lighting his life with bliss.

Strong arms and your courageous heart.
Drop by drop of our blood is pure delight.
Double heartbeat of two who are one.

And the stars above shine on us
with their dreams and hope
for a better world, a new mankind to come.

Cool man and hot girl are one,
strong for the future-world.
Cool man and hot girl love each other,
they are what they want to be:
Love, happiness and peace
for a world to be freed by this loving key.

He feels her ecstatic life,
her dreams, her tender mystery.

She feels his strength and bliss,
gives him all her love with happiness.

It‘s so easy and real:
Cool man and hot girl
are one and free.
Cool man and hot girl
are you and me.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany