Courage To Do The Best (by Mirakali)

Feel it from deep within.
Explore your world, feel the new life.
Experience what it means to be strong.

Light up your light and smile again.
It‘s never too late.
Come out of your cave.
Throw away your clothes.

Feel the wind, the rain and sun on your naked skin,
like the touch that wants to feel you.
Open your heart and let all feelings come,
let them free, experience their intensity,
let them grow, let them fly,
be creative and full of joy.

Explore the world inside your heart.
No fear. The new is great, the new is your friend.
Sing and dance together with us.
Be the king, be the bride of this wonderful time.

Tomorrow the world will never be the same,
all will have changed.
Are you ready? Are you here to try it?
Are you here to be alive?
Let in what others feel.

Your helping hand is welcome.
Feel the compassion,
feel what we need.
Hear the song meant for you,
singing deep in your heart.
A world full of wonders.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany